Check the Google server status of the services

You should check whether the Google services servers are available to rule out that it is up to Google. For example, if an app on your Android device does not work properly. So you can narrow down the source of the error.

Finding out whether Google’s servers are available can often be helpful. For example, if you try in vain to install the latest Android update on your own smartphone or tablet. Or you have problems downloading apps, Gmail or other Google services.

The Google server status can of course also be used to check the availability of Google Cloud services, Gmail or Google+.

Check Google server status

All Google services are clearly displayed on the system status page provided by Google. The current time of the status is shown on the upper screen.

You can see if the respective service is available from a green box. If there are problems with the respective Google service, a red box appears instead of the green box. Then the corresponding service is currently in the maintenance state or overloaded.

Below the list of services you get a detailed schedule where you can also check the status of past days and hours.

Google Cloud Status Overview

This page contains status information about the services that are part of the Google Cloud platform. Look back here to see the current status of the services listed below. If you have a problem not listed here, contact support. For more information on the information published on the dashboard, see this FAQ. You can find more information about these services at

Google Workspace status overview

Here you can find information about the performance of Google services such as Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Maps, etc.

Check G-Suite Status Check Google Cloud Status

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